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Re: unexpected problem with icedove : hundred of storaged mails no longer have a body !

03.03.2010 00:21, Bernard kirjoitti:
Hi to Everyone !

What a surprise ! I have been using Thunderbird and Icedove for so long,
that it had never crossed my mind that I could suddenly lose mail.

A few things to possibly try:

-create a new profile (icedove -P) and with Icedove/Thunderbird close, copy the mail file (probably ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox) to this new profile. -Try opening the inbox with mutt, for example "mutt -f ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox"

I had a similar problem. In my case, the profile was corrupted but the mail itself was intact. Just one folder inhibited the strange behaviour, and it was just a select few messages.

I wasn't able to determine what file in the profile directory was causing the problems though...

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