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Re: Two Lenny problems


> Great!  Now you can do the rest of the "GNOME sound configuration",
> as documented on my web site, to get the system sounds, software
> sound mixing in ALSA, etc, as needed.  If there is a "CD" column
> in alsamixer too, you can also install cdtool and see if you can get
> analog CD playing to work as well.  It is superior, in my opinion,
> to the "ripping" method used by most newer media players, unless you
> actually want to extract a portion of the audio data and put it in
> a .wav file.  If you just want to listen to an audio CD, the cdtool
> package, or some other analog CD player, is the way to go.
        I put the HD back into the Dimension 8400 with a different sound
card; booted it on the installation done for the Fujitsu because I couldn't
get the DVD in soon enough; opened a terminal window and issued
alsamixer; and this is what I got:  Master (100), Master M (100), Master
S (100), Headphon (00, no scale), PCM (100), Surround (100), Surround
(Shared, no scale), Center (100), LFE (55), Line (55). Line Jac (00, no
scale), CD (100), Mic (77), Mic Boos (00), Mic Sele (Mic 1), Phone
(100), Aux (100), Channel (2ch), DownMix (off), Exchange (MM), External
(00), High Pas (00), spread F (MM, Off), Stereo Mic (00, On),
V_Refout(00, On).  Went to You Tube; selected a video; no sound; put in
a CD, no sound. So I restarted on the Lenny DVD-1, completed the
install, repeated the above and still get no sound. Lspci says the
multimedia controller is now an Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 1, and the
audio controller is the Intel 82801FB again.  The different sound card
is not verified good, so that may be what is wrong, but I think there
could be something wrong with the gate on the Intel sound chip, and
could be why the machine was disposed of in the first place.  I can
install Windows (either XP or 7) on the 8400 and see if sound works
under Windows, and/or install the sound card in another machine to
verify that it works, but what else could be done?  What sense is there
in going through the GNOME sound configuration when it wasn't needed in
the Fujitsu?

> Just out of curiousity, remove the old sound card from the Dell and
> try Epiphany again.  I'm wondering about a hardware conflict, such
> as a conflicting I/O port, IRQ line, DMA channel, etc. between the
installed sound card and the on-board sound chip.  Or maybe between the
installed sound card and the built-in (I'm guessing) ethernet interface chip.

Epiphany and Iceweaselwork do not hang without the original sound card.

> I still can't believe that a motherboard manufacturer would build
sound into the board and then provide no way to access it!

Well, if there are no on-board ports, how else can it be accessed?  It
does seem a waste, but what is to stop the manufacturer from doing it?

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