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Re: Two Lenny problems

On Thu, 4 Mar 2010 01:12:40 -0500 (EST), Cecil Knutson wrote:
> I put the HD back into the Dimension 8400 with a different sound
> card; booted it on the installation done for the Fujitsu because I couldn't
> get the DVD in soon enough; opened a terminal window and issued
> alsamixer; and this is what I got:  Master (100), Master M (100), Master
> S (100), Headphon (00, no scale), PCM (100), Surround (100), Surround
> (Shared, no scale), Center (100), LFE (55), Line (55). Line Jac (00, no
> scale), CD (100), Mic (77), Mic Boos (00), Mic Sele (Mic 1), Phone
> (100), Aux (100), Channel (2ch), DownMix (off), Exchange (MM), External
> (00), High Pas (00), spread F (MM, Off), Stereo Mic (00, On),
> V_Refout(00, On).  Went to You Tube; selected a video; no sound; put in
> a CD, no sound. So I restarted on the Lenny DVD-1, completed the
> install, repeated the above and still get no sound. Lspci says the
> multimedia controller is now an Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 1, and the
> audio controller is the Intel 82801FB again.  The different sound card
> is not verified good, so that may be what is wrong, but I think there
> could be something wrong with the gate on the Intel sound chip, and
> could be why the machine was disposed of in the first place.  I can
> install Windows (either XP or 7) on the 8400 and see if sound works
> under Windows, and/or install the sound card in another machine to
> verify that it works, but what else could be done?  What sense is there
> in going through the GNOME sound configuration when it wasn't needed in
> the Fujitsu?

This is the machine that you started with, except that the external
sound card and hard drive were replaced, correct?  Did you remember to
blacklist the driver for the motherboard sound chip?  The blacklist goes
when the hard drive goes!  Then shutdown and reboot.  Then run
"dpkg-reconfigure -plow alsa-base alsa-utils" for good measure,
shutdown and reboot again, and see what you've got.  I think you may
be looking at that integrated sound chip that you can't connect to.
Of course, if you were unlucky enough to pick a sound card that
requires the same driver as the motherboard sound chip, you're hosed.
Issue "lsmod|grep snd" and post the output again.

Also, GNOME sound configuration is primarily for the benefit of
GNOME system sounds, such as startup, shutdown, opening and closing
window sounds, etc.  Applications that run in GNOME can produce
sound even without GNOME sound configuration.  The best test for
basic sound is to use the aplay utility on a .wav file, as documented
on my web site.

> Epiphany and Iceweaselwork do not hang without the original sound card.

Sounds like either the original sound card was bad or there was
a hardware conflict between it and the rest of the system.

> Stephen Powell wrote:
>> I still can't believe that a motherboard manufacturer would build
>> sound into the board and then provide no way to access it!

> Well, if there are no on-board ports, how else can it be accessed?  It
> does seem a waste, but what is to stop the manufacturer from doing it?

If the BIOS setup program has a way to disable it, then disable it there.
Otherwise, about all you can do is blacklist the driver.

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