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Re: Single root filesystem evilness decreasing in 2010? (on workstations)

On Sun, 28 Feb 2010, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

swap  4GB             may never need it, but u have plenty of disk
/boot 100MB   ext2    safe call, even if grub(2) doesn't need a /boot
/     40GB    ext2/3  journal may eliminate mandatory check interval
/var  up2u    ext2    sequential write/read, journal unnecessary

Hi Stan.  Questions about the need for a journal aside, if you run ext2
when you will get a fsck following a crash _whether you need it or not_.
Yes you can bypass it but the filesystem will be marked dirty.

My recommendation is to not use ext2 unless you have to and then only on
small filesystems.

/home up2u    xfs     best performance for all file sizes and counts

As a long time sysadmin I council against mixing filesystems like this
unless there is a compelling reason.   Using different filesystems drives
up management overhead.  The tools and procedures to fix different
filesystems are different so you're expecting someone to have to deal with
both cases in the event of problems.  Methods to backup can also vary,

This is an example of the classic 'heretogeneous vs homogenous system'
argument applied to filesystems.

*You may trust ext4 at this point, but I, and many others don't. xfs beats ext4 in every category, so why bother with ext4?

I do rather like xfs and it can be used for every regular filesystem on
the box.



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