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Re: SpamAssassin not following private whitelist commands

Jari Fredriksson wrote at 2010-03-03 07:52 -0600:
> On 3.3.2010 3:38, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > SA, which is "attached" to Postfix, isn't doing what I think it should
> > do.  According to instructions I found on the Intarweb, per-user
> > whitelist addresses go in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs with the format:
> > whitelist_from  foo@bar.com
> Side note: "whitelist_from" is the most dangerous variant of those
> whitelist commands in SA. "whitelist_auth" of "whitelist_from_rcvd"
> should be used, if at all possible.
> whitelist_from accepts also spam, if the sender address is forged, which
> most often is in spam or virii.

Unfortunately whitelist_from_rcvd requires a second "relay rDNS" parameter, and 
whitelist_auth requires SPF or DKIM.

Is it possible to have something like whitelist_from_rcvd without the second 
required parameter?

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