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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2010 #364

> I have no idea on how kdeglobals is recreated, but the culprit may in whatever
> recreates it. That' s why, in my case moving away both .kde and .kde4 did
> work. Now, maybe moving only one of the 2 should have be sufficient, but I did
> not want to spend to much time on it.
> Thierry

Apparently the newest updates have made it hard for me to run kde
effects and I suspect that it is kde effects that crashed in the first
place. I followed the advice that Thierry have and after deleting my
.kde4 folder I was able to log into kde, but of course I had to set up
the entire session again (gtk and qt co-ordination, layouts and
switching, default apps, etc), which was rather tedious. However, I am
unable to run kde effects the way I used to. When I try to enable them
through system settings, first I see that the "Compositing state" area
is grayed out and bearing the message "compositing is disabled".
Here's the relevant screenshot:


If I click on "apply" right there I'll get a message saying that
compositing couldn't be activated and the entire GUI crashes, forcing
me to either kill the X server or restart/power down with keyboard
combinations. If, however, I play a smart one and choose "xrender" in
the "advanced" tab, I'm able to start compositing. Numerous effects
don't work, though, including desktop cube and wobbly windows (I get
notifications from the kde windows manager that they could not be

Now, I do realize that this is a debian and not an ubuntu list, yet I
don't see why I shouldn't be frustrated when my functionality (cube)
and aesthetics (wobbly) are suddenly broken. I can work without
effects, but why should I not have the option to use them in their

My system runs on an Nvidia GT 220 with the latest drivers downloaded
from their website:


Any information as to what might've been broken by the newest updates
would be greatly appreciated. I'm probably registering on the KDE
forum to ask the same questions as well.



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