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host trying to connect using IPv6 without having IPv6 global address

Hello to all!

I am having the following strange problem on a fully updated squeeze.

It sits behind an ordinary adsl router, with no IPv6 capabilities, it
gets its private 192.168.x.x address etc.

Now the problem is that it tries to connect to hosts returning quad-A
records using IPv6, but it has no IPv6 global address. Ifconfig shows
only  the normal 'link' IPv6 address. So, eventually it does not connect.

For example, using the browser I can't go to http://www.ipv6.org

Aptitude update stalls, writing:

84% [Connecting to security.debian.org (2001:610:1908:a000::149:225)]

Or even:

$ telnet security.debian.org
Trying 2001:610:1908:a000::149:225...

I would appreciate any help, because this problem starts to get me!

Below, in the bz2 file, I give a transcript of various useful command
outputs, if someone bothers to dive into it! I include a telnet strace,
netstat IPv6 output, ifconfig, my IPv6 routing table, and other things.
Something I suspect is this entry in my routing table:
::/0                           fe80::4432:f215:1283:2320  UGDAe 1024
0    90 eth2

should that be there?

Thanks for any help,

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