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Re: Squeeze Frozen, NOT

On Mon,01.Mar.10, 17:46:11, Stephen Powell wrote:

> > There is no plan for timed release cycles, only timed freezes.
> Hmm.  Well, I suppose that timed freezes is better than timed
> release cycles, but it still breaks the traditional concept of
> "release goals", does it not?  Historically, a new release had
> a set of release goals associated with it.  With timed release freezes, that
> pretty much throws release goals out the window.
I think it depends on whether the release goal is considered RC (release 
critical) or not. Even if you freeze the software versions, the release 
team can still grant exceptions in such cases and even without timed 
freezes, if a release goal is not ready it is not ready (dependency 
based boot for lenny, just to name an example).


> Since the resources are fixed at $0 (donated free labor) and the time
> interval is fixed at one year, the release goals go out the window.
> You just can't eat your cake and have it too.

I don't think this is a fair comparison. Yes, it is free donated labor, 
but it doesn't mean that it's worth $0!

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