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Re: Two Lenny problems

On Mon, 1 Mar 2010 19:44:29 -0500 (EST), Cecil Knutson wrote:
> I will have to buy another sound card as every other machine I have has  
> on-board sound chips.  Or see if anyone I know has a spare sound card.

In that case, are you sure I can't talk you into trying a newer kernel from
backports?  Granted, your sound card is old enough to be supported by the
2.6.26 kernel that is standard with Lenny, but that doesn't mean that there
isn't a bug somewhere.  I've seen a couple of other "no sound" threads since
you opened yours.  Maybe a security update broke something, who knows?
Anyway, if you try a new kernel and it doesn't work for you, it's easy
enough to switch back.

Or you can try installing Linux on one of those other machines, with or
without wiping Windows.

Or you can break down, crack that wallet open,
and buy a sound card, not knowing if it will work either.  If you buy one,
buy an old one that isn't driven by the driver that doesn't work for your
sound card or the blacklisted one.

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