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Re: Single root filesystem evilness decreasing in 2010? (on workstations)

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Alex Samad wrote:
> my 2c, with the size of HD's and the processing power we have now, I
> really wonder if spending more than a second on deciding on a single
> partition or not is worth it. 

It's theoretical reasoning. It's good for understanding. And no, it's
not worth the time for people who, unlike the thread starter, just want
things up and running. But his questions are good to think about in
principle, since distros like Debian need such prior to changing the
partition recommendations.

> Are the amount of space lost - expressed
> as a percentage of the disk really worth all the time being spent on it
> ?
> And the cpu overhead for using separate partitions and lvm - again with
> todays cpus....

No, *they* wont' be worth it. Neither space nor CPU will show noticeable
improvements either way as far as I can see.

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