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Re: Limited X setup


On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 02:24:05PM -0800, joseph lockhart wrote:
> Hello, been a while since I posted, working on setting up a partition
> which will run mainly console programs, however, I was interested in
> setting up X to run a few programs (or maybe the framebuffer) a quick
> search of the web yielded no help. Any suggestions on where to look. 

Do not install gdm/kdm/xdm/... when you need X application, start X
server from startx.  I thought people suggested.  (I may be wring
remembering things...)

Some X server runs on framebuffer, some not.

A few applications are designed to run directly on framebuffer.

X itself is not so heavy .... if you know how to use lightly.

(GNOME/KDE are heavy ... though)

> Running lenny from netinstall with some console added already but no
> graphics yet. Also I have no interest in a GUI for this project.

You do not need GUI but X is GUI.  You sound like you want graphics.  I
do not understand what exactly you wish....

FYI: You can see graphics from normal non-X console of PC using
     zgv: SVGAlib graphics viewer
     razzle: constantly changing 3D stereogram generator

All these use SVGAlib.  This is very specialized use case though.


PS: I thought there were extensive thread.  Have you read posting to
    mailing list?  People usually reply only to the mailing list...

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