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Re: Limited X setup

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 02:24:05PM -0800, joseph lockhart wrote:
> Hello, been a while since I posted,

Hi Joe!

> working on setting up a partition which will run mainly console
> programs, however, I was interested in setting up X to run a few
> programs (or maybe the framebuffer) a quick search of the web
> yielded no help. Any suggestions on where to look. 

I haven't tried any of this, except #1, so salt accordingly.

1. just install only X (package xorg, or even manually pick out
packages) without a DE. You don't even need a window manager, you can
just run whatever program you want. I used to do this for my
kids... no window manager, nothing, just an instance of gcompris for
them to play with. Worked fine. 

2. check out xserver-xfbdev. looks pretty minimal, uses only the
framebuffer, and has pretty low dependency level. might be
interesting. Its man page points to TinyX which doesn't seem to be in
debian, but might be worth a look.

3. There is some thing you can do to fool the X apps into thinking
they are running in X, but a really just running in the framebuffer. I
don't remember the details, but maybe that will help you search. 

good luck.


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