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after upgrade etch -> lenny, problem with vim syntax highlighting in bash scripts


after I upgraded from etch to lenny a few days ago (new config files
have been installed for vim), I noticed that syntax highlighting for my
bash scripts is not working as before.

There are some things i've noticed, where of the first is worse to me.

1: If I put the following statement onto a single line, it does not
cause problems:

But as soon as i put it into a for loop:

for tmp_content in ${str_attr_val}; do


Everything from the 'done' word is marked with as syntax error, making
the whole file unreadable (could turn of syntax highlighting).

if [[ $1 = +([[:digit:]]) ]]; then

is good, but with:

case "$1" in
    +([[:digit:]])) :

the last 2 `]]' are shown in red background (syntax error).

3: This one causes everything after the `'' (single quote) to be
rendered as error:
[[ $x = *\'* ]] && ...

this is my .vimrc:

set ts=4
set sw=4
let g:is_bash= 1
let sh_minlines= 500

Any ideas how I could get that fixed?
Many of my scripts are garbled now. they are more readable without
syntax highlighting.

Thanks a lot


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