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Re: release cycles, security supports for multiple OSes

>> Neither of which are enterprise/stable releases in the same vein at
>> RHEL, Debian stable etc, hence not ncluded.
> Uh? I cannot speak for Fedora but sure openSUSE is rock-solid and has
> stable release cycle. I was using it in my servers and workstations for
> the last 6 years.
> Besides, the OP did mention nothing about "enterprise" or "long term",
> just "distros/operating systems" so the table is very good but leaves
> many other distros (Archlinux, openSUSE, Fedora, Gentoo,
> openSolaris...) :-)

I was meaning in relation to that chart, which does state
'enterprise'. SuSE have their own
offering for that, hence openSUSE isn't really valid there I guess.


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