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perl or bash question ["convert strings in a txt to html links"]

How can I do that in bash or perl, that I have a txt file, e.g.:

$cat file.txt
Hi, this is the content of the txt file, that contains links like this:
http://www.somewhere.it/, and it could contain: http://somewhere.com,
This is the second line, that doesn't contains links..
This is the XYZ line, that contains a link: http://www.somewhere.net

...ok.. so how could I make a regexp for this?



to this:

<a href=http://website.org>http://website.org</a>
<a href=http://www.website.org>http://www.website.org</a>

The solution would be:

sed 'SOMEMAGIC' file.txt > file.html
perl 'SOMEBIGMAGIC' file.txt > file.html


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