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Re: Upgrade to Lenny?

In <SNT125-W520C423B872FB71E60D473DB3E0@phx.gbl>, Hadi Motamedi wrote:
>I upgraded my
> Debian box from Sarge to Lenny .

Did you read the Release Notes?  If not, you should.

Also note that going directly from Sarge to Lenny isn't really supported -- it 
may or may not have worked completely.  You should have done an intermediate 
upgrade to Etch.

> It is now running version 5.0.4  . But
> surprisingly I cannot connect it to Internet , as I did previously . I am
> trying as the followings :
>#ifconfig eth0 ip-address netmask netmask-bits up
>#route add default gw gw-address
>#vi /etc/resolv.conf
>domain domain-name
>nameserver dns-server
>I did it repeatedly when I was on my Sarge and it always got true . By I am
> trying for the same procedure on my new Lenny and it does not get through .
> Can you please let me know why ?

Can you ping the gw-address?  Can you ping the dns-server?

Is eth0 the correct device?  The output of (/sbin/ifconfig -a) might help us 
determine that.

You should be using /etc/network/interfaces to configure your network.  Then, 
you can use ifup and ifdown or even have the device automatically started as 
boot time.  See (man 5 interfaces) for information about the file.
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