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Re: Two Lenny problems

I get silence when trying to play a .wav file with aplay. No error messages, just says "Playing WAVE 'Track1.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo" The sound card is, without doubt, older than 2008. I've had the system for at least two years myself and Dell support says the system shipped in 2004. It is no honor to me to have stumped you. And Florian. Another mystery with respect to Debian. I have been trying to supplant Windows since getting Debian Potato, but there is some discrepancy with every installation of Debian I have done that renders it less capable than Windows. Some really weird ones, too. All I am willing to do right now is to try another installation on a completely different system. I am not comfortable with trying Squeeze, thank you. It seems futile after getting sound out of Ubuntu 9.10, which has a good driver base and a recent kernel. Do you foresee any gross problems with transferring the HD from this system to another system and repeating the installation procedure? (I do!! I just remembered that the HD in this system is SATA and all my other systems are PATA.) I'm tired of wiping Windows installations for no good reason. I had an older Dell system on which Sarge installed with no problems whatsoever, and I was soooo pleased. Then the HD died and I replaced it with another, reinstalled Sarge and could never get another desktop. From just changing the HD? Give me a break, please. It is obvious to me that I am going to have to dig into Debian just as I have done with Windows and DOS. That is unfortunate because I have gotten to the point with computers now that I just want them to work, I don't want to fix them any more. I have been repairing systems for over twenty years, and the fun is gone. Now it is just frustrating as hell to get new technology that isn't any more capable, stable nor secure (in my experience) than the old. Feces!! Many thanks, again.


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