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new mumble/apache bug

I hope that this hasn't already been discussed, if so I apologize for my newbie-ism.

I'm seeing a new bug, it appears to me it's coming from the mumble-server package, but I'm not the type of expert who can tell what's happening for certain.

As of very recently (yesterday?) the apache2 server will not start when the mumble-server package is installed. Symptomatically, when I do "/etc/init.d/apache2 start" it says okay, but then I do "/etc/init.d/apache2 status" and it says apache is not running.

error.log reads:
"icecpp: error: cannot open `/usr/share/slice/Glacier2/Router.ice' for reading
PHP Fatal error:  Unable to start ice module in Unknown on line 0"

The file mentioned is not present.

When mumble-server is installed, the apache server starts.

Unless I'm just wrong about something here, I would need some help filling out an appropriate bug report.


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