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Re: GNU .screenrc and scrolling problem

On 02/26/2010 10:27 AM, Matthew Moore wrote:
> On Friday February 26 2010 9:42:09 am wishi wrote:
>> Am 26.02.10 12:20, schrieb Alex Samad:
>> Well... when I do that I can scroll up, but just within he
>> xfce4-terminal, rxvt... buffer.
>> That means I leave screen's screen, where the current screen-window's
>> text is rolling.
> If I understand you correctly, you want some way to easily scroll *inside* of 
> screen. AFAIK the easiest way to do this is to use the "copy" command, by 
> default 'ctrl-a ['. I guess that if you want to use pageup to scroll, you 
> could bind it using the appropriately named "bind" command in your .screenrc 
> file.

Yes, you want screen's copy/scrollback mode. By default this gives you vi-like
bindings to scroll around with. From the man page:

h, j, k, l move the cursor line by line or column by column.
0, ^ and $ move to the leftmost column, to the first or last non-whitespace
character on the line.
H, M and L move the cursor to the leftmost column of the top, center or bottom
line of the window.
+ and - positions one line up and down.
G moves to the specified absolute line (default: end of buffer).
| moves to the specified absolute column.
w, b, e move the cursor word by word.
B, E move the cursor WORD by WORD (as in vi).
C-u and C-d scroll the display up/down by the specified amount of lines  while
preserving  the  cursor  position. (Default: half screen-full).
C-b and C-f scroll the display up/down a full screen.
g moves to the beginning of the buffer.
% jumps to the specified percentage of the buffer.

- Chris

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