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Re: Debian compatibility with US Robotics USR5637 external USB modem

On 2/25/2010 11:09 PM, Peter Tenenbaum wrote:
Hi there --

I'm getting ready to assemble a computer, and intend to use Debian Linux
as the OS.  In addition to everything else I want to have a 56k modem
for the computer -- partially as an emergency backup for the network,
but mainly so that I can run a fax and answering machine app on the
computer and get rid of my extremely low-quality answering machine.

 From what I've seen out there, the US Robotics USR5637 looks like a
promising option:  it's a small (almost tiny) external modem which
connects via USB, and purports to have Linux support.  My question:  has
anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with this component on a Debian

Thanks in advance,

I reread your message, and realized my previous post was inadequate. You need an internal device as an answering machine, though an external one can be a decent fax replacement, if you run SANE and have a decent scanner.

(I could be mistaken. There may be answering machines that run with USB. Serial modems at one time needed access to the sound card to be answering machines, then later, they added their own sound capabilities.)

Based on your requirements, go to Best Buy and get an inexpensive all-in-one FAX/Printer/Scanner/Copier unit. HP machines have good Linux support.

Mark Allums

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