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Re: Debian compatibility with US Robotics USR5637 external USB modem

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:09:19 -0800, Peter Tenenbaum wrote:

> I'm getting ready to assemble a computer, and intend to use Debian Linux
> as the OS.  In addition to everything else I want to have a 56k modem
> for the computer -- partially as an emergency backup for the network,
> but mainly so that I can run a fax and answering machine app on the
> computer and get rid of my extremely low-quality answering machine.

I highly recommend to use a rs-232 external modem/fax, whenever possible. 
I find serial ports more reliable that usb stack. 

Yes, I know, serial ports (and parallel ports) are nowadays quickly being 
replaced in many boards :-(
>>From what I've seen out there, the US Robotics USR5637 looks like a
> promising option:  it's a small (almost tiny) external modem which
> connects via USB, and purports to have Linux support.  My question:  has
> anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with this component on a Debian
> system?

By reading Newegg's comments, it seems at least to be working with Fedora 
and Ubuntu:




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