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Re: Two Lenny problems

Aptitude was updated; the alsa-firmware-loaders installed; dpkg reconfigured alsa base and alsa utils; no PCM in alsamixer. I don't remember saying this before, so excuse me if it is being repeated, when I had Ubuntu 9.10 installed, there were two times that the sound worked after I had tweaked some configuration dialog window. But that was only in separate sessions on separate days; booting the next day each time, there was no sound again. If I remember correctly, one of those times involved installing Flash Player 10 and updating Opera to the new plug-in. I don't recall if I had played any audio CD then. But something was done that made sound work, if only for a short while. That would make me conclude that the hardware is sufficient. Would you agree? Of course, then I knew nothing about alsa-mixer and cannot confirm that any PCM was listed anywhere. What would you suggest doing now?

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