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Re: Debian 5 server - auto-reconnect to wireless networks?

Dne, 22. 02. 2010 12:55:24 je Mirko Parthey napisal(a):

The network manager package description says it "is not intended for
usage on servers".  If you want an interface to be permanently up,
without even logging in, you should set it up in

I'll second that. I have a similar situation (no wired eth port) and went for the fixed-IP solution, disabling DHCP and network manager for the wireless interface. That said, however, I also have a laptop with network manager and it *does* re-connect to the wireless network every time my router gets reset. I think this may depend on the default wireless network(s) you configure through right-clicking on the network applet and selecting "Edit wireless networks". IIRC, network manager is designed to automatically connect (and re-connect) to any network you have configured there. That said, *sometimes* my network manager simply fails to reconnect; I always thought the network driver I'm using (the proprietary Broadcom wl.ko) was the culprit.


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