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Re: how to convince that debian is one the three major choices for a stable server environment?


On Tuesday 23 February 2010 12:41:43 Γιώργος Πάλλας wrote:
> Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:


>  The drop that filled the bucket (or whatever the expression is), was
> that we can't have the latest PHP with the latest SNMP module because of
> a certain PHP bug that is refused to be dealt with in Gentoo - in debian
> it works fine. Anyway, don't ask me any further Gentoo specific
> questions, I don't want to know more about Gentoo, I just want to forget
> it!

Then you should remeber two things:
1) Such an scenario is much more probable to rise in Debian than in Gentoo 
(despite the fact that in this very particular situation Debian's provided 
PHP happened to work for you -indeed you won't have "the latest PHP with the 
latest SNMP module" on Debian Stable, full stop).
2) Once you go down the path of maintaining your own (patched) software Gentoo 
is more strightforward than Debian.

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