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Re: how to convince that debian is one the three major choices for a stable server environment?

Jan Hlodan put forth on 2/22/2010 5:09 PM:
>>> Depending on what you want to use the servers for,
> I prefer Solaris 10 to FreeBSD for servers. I think, Solaris is more
> powerful, stable and better supported than FreeBSD.

Solaris (SPARC) or Open Solaris (x86)?  If the latter, I hope for your sake
that Oracle doesn't pull it back in and close the source.  Larry Ellison
isn't known for his philanthropy, is he?  ;)

Regarding FreeBSD support, commercial *BSD support pretty much ended when
BSDi folded.  No major commercial vendor is backing *BSD, and likely never
will.  This, more than anything, will always limit its use in commercial
environments.  CxOs prefer paid vendor support contracts.  They want an
emergency phone number and real, deep answers available when systems implode
to the point internal staff can't figure out the problem and fix it.

This is also why Red Hat and SuSE Linux own the commercial Linux space, and
why you don't see serious corporate penetration of Debian and other
non-commercially backed Linux distros.  If/when deployed in large commercial
environments, Debian is usually implemented in niche places where a sysadmin
can slide it in under the radar.  Same goes for any *BSD.  If a Linux system
in this world is within sniffing distance of a manager's or CxO's nose,
it'll usually be replaced with Red Hat/SuSE for political reasons, mainly
availability of a paid support contract from a "major" commercial vendor,
whether that support will ever be needed or not.


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