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Re: Removing SSH's welcome message (before login)


> I made it very clear that restarting the sshd daemon does
> not break existing ssh client connections.  Try to behave
> civilly towards people spending their time trying to help
> you.

Had you read two of my previous messages instead of skimming through
them, you would've known already it was a remote server. I was past
the lock-out by the time you replied.

Had *i* read your message carefully instead of skimming through it
(i.e. yanking hair when it read "restart your remote sshd") i would've
already known Restarting Sshd Won't Break Client Connections, instead
of coming to that - rather obvious, yes - conclusion later.

So maybe we both oughta read mail more carefully :)

As stated, i did think of telling the second binary to use a second
config, but stopped short of everything else that you (correctly and
quite logically) pointed out: init sript, pid file, etc. My first plan
was to use a cron job (as it seems more common) but how would
scheduling the start of a binary that was being upgraded prevent

Anyway, this is academic since next time i'll know RSWBCC™ ;)

As for the cosmetic change, well, it's a matter of opinion i guess. I
dislike the fact sshd (of httpd or *d) announce themselves to the
world like that unless strictly necessary. I'm all for open source
software (duh), but i think it should keep its mouth obscurely shut
when serving. (This would probably spawn a religious debate so let's
leave it at that.)

Thanks for your contributions, Jon, and i hope there's no hard
feelings if (er, when) i sounded harsh.


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