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Re: Two Lenny problems

Thanks, Stephen. I've made several mistakes: was in Krusader when I double-clicked "blacklist"; assumed that SU-ing in a terminal rendered all that follows as root activity. So, I opened a terminal; SU'd; CD'd to /etc/modprobe.d; issued the command "nano local"; typed in the line: blacklist snd_intel8x0; issued a "Write Out" command; exited Nano; typed ls; saw the file "local" in /modprobe.d; closed the terminal; re-started; opened a terminal window; SU'd; typed alsamixer; got the same display as before: no changes in the headings. I did not remove any modules, I physically removed the modem adapter card. I did read about creating the "local" file but nothing was said as to where to put it and I didn't assume that it would be in /modprobe.d. So, when I saw the blacklist file and it looked like it would fulfill the purpose, I tried it. I do notice the prompt change from $ to # and recognize it as indicating root status. I installed several of the KDE programs just because I am more familiar with them, but the GUI is the Lenny default, GNOME. I will try vi and gedit and see how I do with them, thanks for the recommendation. BTW, is UTF-8 the same as "plain text"?

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