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failure to reinstall boot and root

Following a major mistake (I deleted /lib, while it was intended to
delete lib of an application) I am trying to restore my amd64 lenny
via netinstall, downloading the Jan 2010 amd64 lenny CD. Not touching
the many applications installed in usr and opt and data in home. The
situation arising, after editing for what I intended to format and
install ex novo (/boot, /, and swap):

LVM VG vg1 LV home #1

LVM VG  vg1 LV opt  #1

LVM VG vg1 LV F swap swap #1

LVM VG vg1 LV tmp #1

LVM VG vg1 LV usr #1

LVM VG vg1 LV var #1

RAID1  device #0 F ext 2 /boot

RAID1  device #1 F ext 3 /

RAID1  device #2  K lvm

SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) 250 GB
   #1 primary     197 MB B K raid
   #2 primary     1GB         K raid
   #3 primary     248GB     K raid
     pri.log 855MB free space

SCSI4 (0,0,0) (sdb) 250MB
 same as sda

(all ext 3 except boot ext2, with formatting /boot and / only)

I choose a mirror, installing
*Desktop environment
*Standard system

It hangs at retrieving file 609 of 794

Select and install software failed. Also grub installing failed.

Clearly, I was following a wrong path. I would appreciate advice how
to restore the system, if still possible saving the applications in
usr and opt, now that /boot, /, and swap have been formatted.
Previously, I installed by formatting everything of the above scheme.

francesco pietra

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