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Re: Decompiler?

On Sun February 21 2010 23:42:19 Hadi Motamedi wrote:
> Thanks . As I don't want to completely analyze the whole of the program and
> I just want to find the exact syntax of an specific command that is being
> exchanged between my Debian and the remote network element , can you please
> let me know which de-compiler can I use to de-compiler just that small
> subroutine segment part ?

If the protocol is open documented, read the documentation.

Otherwise if the program is open source, download the source.
(Sometimes the source is more accurate than the documentation.)

Otherwise see if you can find an open source program that does
the same thing, and read its source.

Otherwise you're the decompiler (unless you can persuade somebody
else to decompile it for you).

--Mike Bird

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