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RE: looking for older version of DEBIAN .

Hi To who may concern,

	Thanks for the reply , by the way , is there any ISO file which I
can download & burn into a CD ??

Thank You And Regards,
NX Robin 

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On Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 09:45:04 +0800, robin_leong wrote:
> To : Who may concern ,
>                 Good days , I had a problem which I don't know who to
> to .
>                 As I am looking for older version of DEBIAN 2.0 because
> is release up to version 5 , and I unable to download DEBIAN 2.0
>                 So , where can I find and download older version of DEBIAN

Please direct such questions to debian-user@lists.debian.org next time,
admin@db.debian.org is only used for maintaining the user database of
the debian project.

Now to your question: you can find Debian 2.0 at

Please be aware that Debian 2.0 has no security support anymore and will
likely not run on modern hardware, as it is about 11 years old.

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