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Re: amd64 flash setup not working on youtube?

On 10:23 Sun 21 Feb     , Mitchell Laks wrote:

Some more information I found on line.

My machine that is crashing is an older AMD64 machine
Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 754) which lacks the lahf instruction.

see this discussing


Comment  #17 From Maks Verver  2009-07-20 12:40:53 0000  [reply] ------- 

I'm using an Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 754) which lacks the lahf instruction and
I've had this problem for months, but I never really understood what the
problem was, until the latest ebuild update spelled it out for me (thanks for

Understanding the problem, it was relatively easy to hack together a workaround
that works by trapping the illegal instruction signal and then emulating its
effects. This can be implemented as a small dynamic library that is placed in
the plugin directory (so it's loaded whenever the Flash plug-in is loaded) or
forced to load by adding it to LD_PRELOAD. I have attached the source in the
hope that it might be useful to other users.

The downside of the current ebuild is that it prevents the 64-bit plugin from
being installed through portage at all. Would you consider bundling my
workaround for 64-bit users who lack the lafh instruction or at least change
the error into a warning?



Looking around i think that lahf_lm instruction isn't set in AMD 64 cpu family
15. Could anyone confirm this? Maybe we could consider this as a USE flag? Well
this is only an idea...

Thanks again to the people involved in solving this bug...

Comment #20 From Maik Nijhuis 2009-08-03 09:06:42 0000 [reply] -------

The lahf workaround works perfectly! I tried both adobe-flash- and
adobe-flash-, on my non-lahf AMD64 machine. Thanks everybody!


so there is a download on their forum  of a library to  compile and install in the
directory to avoid the crashes....

I will have to look into this to try it.


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