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Re: amd64 flash setup not working on youtube?

Mitchell Laks

(I just saw the message, sorry. Gmane was off-line most part of the 

> On 18:28 Thu 18 Feb     , Camaleón wrote:
> Another thing you can try is renaming your current "~/.mozilla" folder 
> and start over again with a clean profile.
> > Note I took out all of the swfdec or other libraries, it is clean with
> > apt-get remove --purge
>> O.k. :-)

> I tried that as well. 

> To summarize, I got some functionality from using swf 
>(libswfdec-0.8-0), but not all 

Open source versión of flash player works very bad with some sites :-(

> the video I wanted (for instance the video on using the stumpwm window 
> manager by male did not work).


> The amd64 adobe download does not work - no matter what i tried some 
> google videos would crash the browser.
> When I ran icweasel from the console I got an error message 
> Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead

Uh, did you searched Google about that error? It seems to be related with 
Firefox :-?


> This occured with the 'nv' driver for the video card, installed by the 
> debian installer.
> I also tried using the nvidia binary from their website with the 
> same result.

Just a quick test: try the Adobe flash player plugin with Epiphany. Just 
copy/paste the "*.so" file under "/usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins" and load 
Youtube to see what happens.



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