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Re: Installation problem on HP DL360 G6 server

Am 12.02.2010 um 23:16:14 schrieb Emmanuel Chantry:

> Le 12/02/2010 22:30, Stan Hoeppner a écrit :
>> Emmanuel Chantry put forth on 2/12/2010 12:32 PM:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've  tried to install a Debian Lenny on HP DL360 G6 server.
>>> I have a RAID 5 smart array configured.
>>> I use auto install with preseed. My partition are created through LVMs.
>>> The first time I install Debian, everything is ok.
>>> But when I try to install again over the existing installation with the
>>> same preseed configuration, I have an error message : "Volume group name
>>> already in use" with a continue/go back.
>>> If I choose continue, I have another error message "No root filesystem
>>> found".
>>> Anyone else has had this error ? Is there a solution for that problem ?
>> The first thing you should ask yourself, and should tell us, is why are you
>> reinstalling over a fresh installation?  That right there is odd behavior.
>> Is there actually something you want to accomplish with this Proliant server, or
>> do you just enjoy playing with the Debian installer?
>> Another question:  You already have the SmartArray controller presenting you
>> with a single large block device.  Why are you even using LVM?  Is there
>> something you are trying to accomplish that can't be accomplished by slicing
>> that big block up with good 'ol primary and logical partitions?  Do you *need*
>> LVM or are you using it because it's *neat*?
> I've reinstalling over a fresh installation because if one day I have to reinstall OS for some reason I will install over an existing one.
> I must validate the HP server for my company, we have many software under Linux we're currently using. I try to establish a procedure as simple as possible with minimal handling for our technicians.
> LVM is used to allow me to extend a volume if needed for example if I must store a lot of data and my volume and I haven't  enough space.
> We have many different HP servers with 3, 4, 6 disks, but sometimes we don't mount all the disk in the active RAID, there are spares for extending LVM volumes.

you should add a preinstall script, that deletes all partitions, i think.
that way, there is a defined state to start the installation.



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