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Re: Installation problem on HP DL360 G6 server

Emmanuel Chantry put forth on 2/12/2010 12:32 PM:
> Hi,
> I've  tried to install a Debian Lenny on HP DL360 G6 server.
> I have a RAID 5 smart array configured.
> I use auto install with preseed. My partition are created through LVMs.
> The first time I install Debian, everything is ok.
> But when I try to install again over the existing installation with the
> same preseed configuration, I have an error message : "Volume group name
> already in use" with a continue/go back.
> If I choose continue, I have another error message "No root filesystem
> found".
> Anyone else has had this error ? Is there a solution for that problem ?

The first thing you should ask yourself, and should tell us, is why are you
reinstalling over a fresh installation?  That right there is odd behavior.

Is there actually something you want to accomplish with this Proliant server, or
do you just enjoy playing with the Debian installer?

Another question:  You already have the SmartArray controller presenting you
with a single large block device.  Why are you even using LVM?  Is there
something you are trying to accomplish that can't be accomplished by slicing
that big block up with good 'ol primary and logical partitions?  Do you *need*
LVM or are you using it because it's *neat*?


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