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RE: R: sata hard drive mounting problem

Edit fstab and change the file system to ntfs. 

Regarding the permissions, you need to make the mount point readable and
possibly writable by your users. There's many ways you can do go about
it, I'd do it via groups.

Here's an example:
'groupadd $GROUPNAME'	# create new group
'usermod -G $GROUPNAME $USERNAME' # Adds user to group, run it for
whichever user you want to access the mount
'chown :$GROUPNAME Mountpoint' # modifies mountpoint permission to be of
the group
'chmod g+rw Mountpoint'		# gives group read/write permissions


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Thanks Marco

You stated:>>

You need add a line like this one in /etc/fstab:

/dev/device   /mount/point   file system     options     dump    pass

For use normal user  	

/dev/sdb1	  /media/HDD	ext3		defaults,user,rw
0  	 0

The drive has an nfts windows file system on it with some folder already
on it. I'm trying to get my file's off it on to the new debian install I
got now, then I'm going to take the derive back out of this computer.

So I think I need to put the file system as nfts not ext3 right? 

You stated:>>

If you create the mount point with a root user do you need change the
owner of the folder 


If all the folders are crowned with root as owner, How do I change them
to all users? 

Thanks And:
God Bless You!

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