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Re: auto-mounting disks that might not be present (e.g. usb drives)

On Thu, 04 Feb 2010 08:50:58 -0600, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

> In <pan.2010.>, Camaleón wrote:

>>But I still find the point valid: if a mount point defined in "fstab" is
>>not present at boot time, it should warn the user and log the error but
>>the boot process should not be stopped at all because the mount point is
>>not critical (i.e., is not root "/") for the system to properly start.
> There are filesystems other than '/' that I need to have a fully
> functional system:

Yes, but the mount point of the OP is not critical for his system, that 
was what I wanted to say. And the kernel must be aware of that device is 
trivial and can be skipped without any drawbacks.



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