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Re: Fwd: Scanners

HP PhotoSmart C3180 All-in-one, three years of use and counting with Full support on Debian. 

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On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 01:59:31 +0100, Stuckey wrote:

> I'm looking to purchase a scanner. I've looked at the supported hardware
> list on http://www.sane-project.org though there are many listed there
> and I know nothing about scanners. The list also doesn't list the last
> time it was updated.
> Perhaps someone here can recommend a model or brand with which they have
> personal experience.

What are your scanning requirements? Do you have any device in mind?

I prefer stand-alone scanners instead those "all-in-one" but I have to 
admit that "combos" can be useful under some circumstances (litte space 
in home or low budget). One point they have in favour is that they 
usually include the ADF at no extra cost :-)

As per brands and models, it will heavily depend on your specific needs. 
If "none" applies, most people under Linux is reporting success with 
HPLIP drivers (printing, scanning and fax), but there many others that 
can fit under your requirements (Epson, Brother, Canon...).

Just take into account that support for these devices varies *a lot* 
under Linux: be sure that your exact model is detected and works fine 
with any of the drivers available out there (hplip, sane backends, iscan -



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