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Where does One Disable dhclient?

	This is kind of a strange problem. I have one Debian
system in which dhclient is broken. I can configure the network
interface manually with ifconfig but dhclient starts grinding
unsuccessfully at boot time and I can never quite get it to quit
trying. It only succeeds in unconfiguring the interface to the
point that it kills all communication.

	The syslog fills up with "Setting eth0 to 1 addresses."
"Setting eth0 to 2 addresses" and so on up to 5 addresses until
it goes back to 1 address and the whole process starts over.

	I can use ifconfig directly on eth0 and set it up to
work on a static address, but I haven't found anything that
tells the system to not even try dhclient at this time.

	The manual for dhclient tells one to use -nw to tell
dhclient to try once and only once but the boot process starts
dhclient and I haven't figured out where the start command came

	I have installed this particular version of Debian on 3
systems and 2 out of the 3 worked perfectly. This 3RD system may
not have enough RAM to support dhclient. I am not sure what the
problem is but for now, I need no dhclient and it will work well

	Thanks for any good ideas.

	The version I am using is a modified version of lenny
called Vinux which contains a software speech synthesizer. I
don't think the dhclient problems are in any way related to the
speech as everything works fine.

Martin McCormick

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