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Re: Eth0 disconnects from router?

> Approximately every hour, I get log entries like:
> Jan 28 13:47:59 dovidhalevi pumpd[1819]: failed to renew lease for device 
> ...
> Sometimes, it will stay disconnected (the above reconnected). I need to 
> manually ifup eth0. I reinstated a  cron job to check and do this like I had 
> when I was running pptp.
> * * * *
> Your new post indicates that you now know to use ifup.
> You're welcome.
> As for your new problem, it looks like your DHCP server is set up to
> hand out 1 hour leases.  If the DHCP server is built in to the router,
> as is often the case, that comes down to reconfiguring your router.
> You want a fairly long lease time.  You also want a fair amount of
> time between when a lease is released (or when connectivity is lost)
> and when that IP address is made available for reuse.

Of course, much thanks for all the informative replies!

This one probably hits it. The question is how to reconfigure? I have found no  
configure http or anything else. This router is a WAN to ethernet and two VOIP 
phone channels made by "Audiocodes." No information. The provider is Linux-
illiterate. (A separate box xlates ADSL to the WAN cable.)

>If you are not using avahi, run
>invoke-rc.d avahi-daemon stop
>and check whether you still have this problem.

I do not know why I  have avahi. Seems to come with recent KDE/HAL stuff. One 
more useless daemon but I doubt the cause of the problem. It just sits on the 
DHCP calls.

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