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Re: Can only get Nvidia driver to work with 2.6.26

Stephen Powell wrote:
> Slow for what purposes?  3D graphics?  Real-time animated games?
> I don't do either of those things.  I mainly use X for web browsing.
> I also sometimes play a simple 2D game like Solitaire.
> Is the proprietary Nvidia driver really going to make a dramatic improvement
> for things like that?

Actually it's impressive to see users of other OSs turn their eyes round
when they see you changing the active window with Cover switch or doing
a desktop change when the cube turns. ;-)

If you like 3D stuff, you'll get it with the Nvidia driver. But I see
exactly what you're saying. You'll see no difference when you code in vi.

Could it be that the problems of the Nvidia driver not working have
their reason in a non working xorg.conf file? What is it's content? As
the driver installer suggest his own version, and from my experience
this works extremely well (screen, mouse with all buttons &c.), this
could also be the source of the problem AFAICS.


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