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Re: Grub on XFS root filesystem

On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 10:27:23 -0500, consul tores wrote:
> Hi
> I am having a similar problem with a Celeron 800, 384 Mb RAM.
> I had Lenny as a ssh/ftp/openvpn server, then i did upgrade to Squeeze
> having the mentioned problem with Grub2, It could not be installed;
> after that i decide to test it installing Squeeze from scrash on ext2,
> ext3, and reiserfs, using the i386  Jan/28 netinstaller, and as
> results, it could not be installed again.
> After that, I did a test, instaling OpenBSD, and i had a normal
> installation, but at reboot, OpenBSD could not boot by the cause of
> Grub2. Tomorrow i am going to install Lenny again, after i repair the
> mbr.

As much as I dislike grub2, as Stan mentioned, you should check
your BIOS setup program as well.  Some BIOS setup programs have settings
intended to prevent writing to the master boot record.  It may be
called "virus protection mode" (should be off to install) or
"Operating system install mode" (should be on to install) or
something along those lines.  You won't be able to install *any*
boot loader to the mbr if this setting is not correct.

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