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Can only get Nvidia driver to work with 2.6.26

I've been following the threads of people frustrated with getting
nvidia drivers to work, and have experienced much of that frustration
myself over the last few days.  I've tried everything to get my nvidia
working with the 2.6.30 and 2.6.32 kernels (I'm on a lenovo ThinkPad
T61p, amd64, testing) with no success, and have reverted to the 2.6.26
stock kernel, against which I successfully compiled, installed, and am
now using the 190.53 nvidia driver, which I installed using the nvidia
installer.  That's the only way which has ever worked for me.  I post
this just to suggest the same solution to others who have experienced
the same frustration.  (And my next Linux laptop will not have Nvidia
video, however good it is - and it is - when it works.)


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