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RE: question about sending mail and postfix

I apologize, I just double checked and I think the "mailutils" package
is the more common one. You shouldn't need a database for it. However,
I'd check to make sure you don't already have it the mail command in
your system.

Check your PATH by typing "env | grep PATH" in the command line and
check that /usr/bin is listed. As well, type "ls /usr/bin | grep mail"
and check if you see a mail command. You don't really need postfix for
this anyways, exim which comes on lenny by default is enough for such a
simple task.


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Andrei Popescu on 18/01/10 13:40, wrote:
> On Mon,18.Jan.10, 13:32:20, Adam Hardy wrote:
>> I have a new server online with lenny that I want to configure to 
>> send all its mail for root to my email address, and that's all. I 
>> don't want it to receive any email or relay or anything else.
> 'man aliases' and don't forget to run newaliases after you changed 
> /etc/aliases.

I need a database ...hmmm I can see this job morphing into something a
lot bigger than I had imagined.

Is there no easier package to use for this than postfix with a database?

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