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Re: unable to open mailbox

On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 01:56:23PM -0600, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> RobertHoltzman put forth on 1/10/2010 1:01 AM:

> > One of the Alpine (ex)devs claims it's true. If I ever get the time I'll
> > see about testing it one of the distros on my desktop box. Intuitively
> > it sounds right as a search would entail opening and closing many files
> > as opposed to one with mbox.
> I completely agree with this position.  Technically it makes sense.  This is one
> reason I went with mbox on my Dovecot server.  I'd just like to see some recent
> modern benchmarks proving so and to what degree.  My gut instinct says that mbox
> is faster, but probably not to such an extent that it would really make a
> difference from the "human latency" standpoint.  I have a list mail file with
> 10,600 messages in it.

Piker. One of mine hs over 52k.

> The longest simple body search time I've had through
> T-Bird (server side search) is about 8-10 seconds wall clock time.  If I'd
> chosen maildir instead of mbox, and maildir took 16-20 seconds for the same
> search, that's not a huge difference in human waiting terms--unless your daily
> job entails searching mail files/folders all day long.  This is on a lightly
> loaded server.  I'd like to see data for heavily loaded mbox and maildir servers.

I would love to switch to maildir. I use clamav and it has the capability
of quarantining a file which test positive for malware. With mbox this
would mean quarantining an entire mailbox. Definitely not desirable.
With maildir only the message in question would be effected. 

Bob Holtzman
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