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Re: Undefined video mode number: 314

In <4B48ECA8.8040407@gmail.com>, Stanisław T. Findeisen wrote:
>(II) s3(0): Not using default mode "1024x768" (insufficient memory for mode)
>What does this mean?? Is my graphics card memory already too little to
>run X?? How much video memory is needed to run X? I am sure both the
>monitors support 1024x768.

For 1024x768 and 32-bit color depth you'll need 1024x768x32 bits = 1024x768x4 
bytes = 768x4 KiB = 3x256x4 KiB = 3x1024 KiB = 3 MiB.  So, you'll probably 
need 3MiB of video memory.  You could run in 8-bit mode though; them you'd 
only need 768 KiB.

Besides not having enough video memory, it's possible that X is detecting the 
amount of video memory you have incorrectly.
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