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Re: unable to open mailbox

On Sat, Jan 09, 2010 at 03:38:17PM +0530, Jeffrin Jose wrote:
> > But since something must be moving your mail to Mail/mbox rather than
> > the default, I would take a look at your MDA's (procmail) configuration
> > as recommended  by the mutt FAQ.
> i have invoked  " fetchmail -v --mda /usr/bin/procmail"
> my procmailrc is ...
> {
> :0
> * ^To.*bugs.debian.org
> debian-bugs
> :0
> * ^From.*bugs.debian.org
> debian-bugs
> :0
> * ^To.*debian-kernel@lists.debian.org
> debian-kernel
> }

That doesn't seem right to me. The basic setup I am familiar with is a mail
spool and a home directory.

Then procmil's default delivery would be a spool file, not an internal mutt
folder. Like this:


Then mut would have its four main folders setup in ~/Mail and it would read
the spoolfile and display it as INBOX.  Read mail in INBOX gets saved
automatically to mbox:

 set folder=$HOME/Mail          # where i keep my mailboxes
 set record='+sent'             # default location to save outgoing mail
 set mbox='+mbox'                       # where to store read messages
 set postponed='+draft'         # mailbox to store postponed messages in
 set spoolfile='/var/mail/freeman'      # where my new mail is located

You can make your own folders, outside of mutt's four default, and set recipes to deliver to them.
In my case, they are in dot directories within the ~/Mail folder

mailboxes =inbox # =freeman =mbox =sent =draft
mailboxes cho $HOME/Mail/* 
mailboxes cho $HOME/Mail/.admin/* 
mailboxes cho $HOME/Mail/.business/* 
mailboxes cho $HOME/Mail/.incoming/*
mailboxes cho $HOME/Mail/.list/*
mailboxes cho $HOME/Mail/.personal/*

My guess is that procmail is corrupting your mbox. But maybe you are
following a different plan.

Kind Regards,

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