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Re: Inquiry:How to install Debian from Internet?


On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 11:09:18AM +0000, hadi motamedi wrote:
> Dear All
> I have my Debian server installed from Debian-31 netinst & businesscard CDs
> , but when trying to install Asterisk 1.4 it failed . I thought that my
> Debian installation was incomplete. Can you please let me know how to
> install a complete Debian 3.1 right from the Internet ? Is there anything
> like "yum install" to try with ?

You are coming back with the same things....  it has been answered.  You
may check our mailing list archive if you missed replies which were only
sent to the mailing list. http://lists.debian.org/users.html 

You sound strange to me and I suspect you have a job to do this and
asking free help here.  If you could not do it with what has been told
and you are doing this for work, it is time to hire someone to do it for

Please remember this is user-to-user friendly volunteer help mailing
list.  Please use this resource with great care.


PS: I found following on net:


hadi motamedi’s Experience

    * engineer
      Mesco Consulting Ltd
      (Privately Held; Information Technology and Services industry)

It may be just coincidence ....

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