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Re: Squeeze vs. Lenny update frequency?


Stable release only have security updates.
Testing has much more updates.
On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 10:20:45AM -0800, Mark wrote:
> I just installed Squeeze for the first time last week and today it indicated
> 41 updates were available.  I'm used to Lenny's couple of updates per week
> average; does Squeeze update that much more?  I did some Googling but didn't
> find much out there as far as update frequencies.  Just curious so I know
> what to expect.

Squeeze is not released yet and I see quite a bit of rough edges...

You get lots of updates everytime few weeks after new package is
uploaded.  Eventually, you will hit few bumps.

Until release is into some kind of softfreeze, they may be quite
unstable and you should expect some unstabilities although we try them
to be least ones.


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