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Re: Using LightScribe on Debian? <Getting OT now>

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Tue, 05 Jan 2010 15:54:36 -0800
> Bob McGowan <bob_mcgowan@symantec.com> dijo:
>>>> John Jason Jordan wrote:
>>>>> I still want to be able to put an image on a CD or DVD, but I guess
>>>>> the only way to do that properly is with an inkjet. But if I do it
> My desktop computer has two Lightscribe DVD drives. I paid extra for
> them hoping that they would do what I want, but since they are
> grayscale only, the Lighscribe feature remains virtually unused.
> (Although I did get them working back when I was running Ubuntu - and
> I'm sure they can be made to work under Debian as well.)
> My motivation is different from what most people want. I want to make
> distro CDs and OpenOffice.org CDs that look official. 

I understand the motivation and laud your efforts.  And wish you luck in
the process ;)

Just a thought, one I've entertained but not followed through on (yet,
for various reasons), would be getting a photo quality inkjet that can
also print on CD/DVD.  This would only make sense if you use it to do
photos frequently enough to avoid the drying out/clogging issues.

The printable CD/DVD's I've seen have a totally white printing side,
which makes for much better image quality, in any case.

I can't help with any recommendations for inexpensive printers, though
;( as my interest is in high quality and large (poster) size photo
printing.  Which makes the darn things quite expensive.

Bob McGowan

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