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Re: Using LightScribe on Debian?

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Jan 2010 18:37:14 -0800
> Paul Johnson <baloo@ursamundi.org> dijo:
>> John Jason Jordan wrote:
>>> I still want to be able to put an image on a CD or DVD, but I guess
>>> the only way to do that properly is with an inkjet. But if I do it
>>> only once every few months I'll have clogged jets, wasted ink from
>>> cleaning, and constant headaches. So I just continue to use a
>>> sharpie.
>> I don't know if your local jurisdiction does this, but one thing you
>> might want to look into is government surplus sales.  I once got a used
>> color laser printer in working condition with all new high-capacity
>> cartridges already loaded in it for $90 from the Oregon Department of
>> Surplus Property.  If you're near one, I can't reccommend the
>> government auctions enough.
> Actually, I know about Oregon auctions, and they are near enough for
> me. But I already have a color laser printer. What I need is something
> to print color graphics on optical media. And I want to produce just a
> few copies only once in a while.
> If there was an inexpensive color laser printer that would do optical
> media that would be great. 

Hi, John,

Think of the LightScribe printable CD like it was a B&W photo paper
(silver providing the tonal gray scale, the paper being white).  No dyes
are present.  So you get a grayscale image, with the color of the CD
being the "white" (unexposed) part.

The only way I know to get a color image on the back of a CD/DVD is to
use an Inkjet printer that can feed the disk through the print mechanism.

I know these are available and I expect it is what Paul was referring
to, and what you mentioned a couple of posts ago regarding clogging jets.

Unfortunately, there's no other way I know of to get a color print on
the disk.

As for LightScribe itself, I've used it under Debian successfully, but
it's not all that great looking if you're using an image.  Text is OK,
since it comes out "pure" black.  I tend to reserve it for "archival"
disks that I want to have a label on that will last (no smudge, no
scratches/rubbing out, etc.).

Bob McGowan

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